To be in good Hands


European Health Destinations” is a new project to point out places with healing properties. These are special places or regions because they have something unique: a natural healing resource that serves health. In addition, they are characterized by high environmental and nature conservation standards, good safety and excellent health offers.


A “European Health Destination” is a place where you can live well or have a healthy vacation.

What distinguishes a European Health Destination? Look for this sign:

There are over 1,200 destinations in Europe whose nature can help promote health. But where are these places with these special healing properties? These are now visible with the health tourism quality mark "European Health Destinations". The yellow pin on the logo shows the position of the place. So every guest can see where this place is in Europe.

The six pillars of a European Health Destination

1. Nature


An intact nature is a basic requirement of every European Health Destination. They serve to relax and inspire guests and residents. This includes natural areas such as forest, meadow, water and rock landscapes or beaches. However, it can also be a corresponding park.

2. Healing Resources 


That is what is really special about every European Health Destination: It has a natural remedy that - medically assessed - serves to maintain and promote health in particular. This can include, for example, a natural thermal water, a spring water with special ingredients or a special climate.

3. Health Competence


European Health Destination not only has special healing natural resources but also the medical competence to treat guests and residents with it and to ensure appropriate modern diagnostic and therapeutic care.

4. Supply & Care


A European Health Destination not only has basic supplies of everyday necessities such as fresh food, a supermarket, pharmacy or clothing store. There is also sufficient basic medical care and physiotherapy facilities on site and, of course, sufficient sports and exercise facilities.


5. Infrastructure


The infrastructure supports the health and well-being of guests and residents. This applies to relief, relaxation and spiritual inspiration. In addition to the basic requirements for the transport infrastructure, this also includes the cultural offerings, the gastronomy and of course the tourist offer, which enriches this place.

6. Safety / stress-free Life


A European Health Destination is basically a safe place. This concerns the protection against the consequences of natural influences such as earthquakes, flood disasters or storms. But this also applies to road safety, public safety and the quality of drinking water.

Criteria that a European Health Destination meets


A European Health Destination not only has to be good for health, it also has to be a place worth living in. We have put together a number of criteria to ensure this. Attached is a summary of the criteria catalog. You can order the original from us HERE for a fee.

Test areas
1. Tourist infrastructure
1.1 Orientation (tourism information, guest house, on-site orientation aids, information via internet and print media, wayfinding systems)
1.2. Basic sanitation
1.3 Accommodation options
1.4 Gastronomy
1.5 Culture
1.6 Provision of everyday items
1.7 General tourist offer (excursions in the region, sports)
1.8 Accessibility

2. General infrastructure for diagnostics and therapy

2.1 Diagnostic requirements
2.2 Requirements for therapy
2.3 Health Training

3. Nature and sustainability
3.1 Natural areas
3.2 Parks

4. Stress indicators (noise, bioclimate, air hygiene)
4.1 General noise
4.2 Bioclimatic stress
4.3 Air pollution

5. General security
5.1 The minimization of risks (natural influences, technical safety, road traffic, public safety, drinking water, individual feeling of security of the guest)
5.2 Emergency infrastructure

6. Characteristic of the Destination

  • Mineral Spring
  • Thermal Spring
  • Mudbath
  • Climate
  • Thalasso
  • Sea Bath

6.1 Proof of therapeutic effectiveness